Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jocking Style>> SoulRebelYes: Deux

" I'm over here rubbing my hands together like the dope-boys" is what I told Cwen Charlee, earring and accessory artist of SoulRebelYes, after she said that she "was a woman of her word" and would send me a pair of her earrings that she promised some time ago.So after a week of hurrying to the mail everyday with thoughts of anticipation like a kid waking up and running to gifts under the Christmas tree; my package arrived...and right on time! It was like receiving a special treat after a really stressful and hard work week. I cut open the envelope and there they were...not only did she bless me with 1 pair but TWO pair of DOPE a$$ earring art. I was so geeked up,thankful and just couldn't wait to rock these bad mamas!
My "special" package

so glam rock!

Gotta piece me together a real funky out to rock wit these bad mamas.

I wrote a short blog last year on SoulRebelYes, just in awe of her really funky pieces that range from glam, afro-centric,urban, and tribal styles. Within that year, her pieces have a consistent progression that she re-invents constantly to give her custos that POW factor.I really dig her out-of- the-box,un-orthodox, and bold esthetic-must be that Aquarius in her*side joke* SoulRebelYes is truly designed for the woman who respects her individuality and and haves no apologies on making a bold statement-a Rebel with alot of Soul.Check even more pieces via her webpage, Facebook, and Twitter.

BAD baby!

LOVE these~!

Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY: Shoe Revamp With Fabric

For damn shame...I'm JUST now sharing this project I did like a couple of months ago. Any who, at the time I was sitting in the cut wanting to do something creative and- DING the light bulb went off to revamp a pair of shoes with fabric.
The shoes

Ugh!Not sure how they got so beat up. Can count on my hand how many times I wore em.


I wasn't exactly sure how to do the project but thank gawd I found a YT DIY on it.And BTW the vid creator: La Jeune Dame created some cute ass shoes and has other fly DIY's.

I wanted to do a shoe that had various fabrics as-opposed to one style. And honestly, I finagled the shit out of this by cutting the fabrics and matching the opposite shoe by eye, which is a little more tricky.It didn't dawn on me to afterwards that I should've outlined the shoe with tracing paper then cut the pieces of fabric from the outline to make it more precise.Duh!
After revamping.

So if you choose to use one style of fabric just follow the fab video instructions or if you want to use multi fabrics like I did, you can either:

1. Free-form it by folding each different piece fabric in a area then " fitting" it around the shoe. Next cut the fabric along the shape of that particular area . Then make sure each piece is exact in measurement/size that is going to placed on the same location of the opposite shoe.Last glue the piece down with fabric glue. The only down fall to this method is the inside lining is not going to be perfect.


2. Take a piece of tracing paper and outline the part(s) of the shoe to be covered in a bright colored pencil. Cut the shoe outline out. Then overlay the outline over the pieces of fabric that you want for each location of the shoe. Cut the fabric out then glue pieces down. This "may" help extra fabric going in the lining of the shoe.


3. Get real freaky with it and place pieces of different fabric around the shoe with no rhyme -or- reason. Then cut along the inside and outlining of the shoe.

So, put yo foot in it!However you choose do it... I'm sure it;s gonna be stupid fly. ;-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 New Loves: Onra and Osho

I got two new loves now: Beat producer Onra and spiritual guru Osho.

I have a major crush on Onra,who is one of the dopest underground hip-hop beat producers in the game right now. Taking cues from the late great J-Dilla, Onra has taking old school R&B, Soul, and vintage Vietnamese and Chinese music, and crafted his own style of beat-making.Not only is he fine as fuck; but just a genius in creating magical tracks to fall in love with.

Onra's got tracks for Days..but here's just a few.

Now when it comes to the spiritual tip, Osho is one of my fav gurus. He's teachings include honesty and humor that is a little off-beat then most traditional gurus,which has caused him to be scrutinized; yet have a huge following over the years. He was often known to be critical towards traditional religion and society norms and believed that the totality of a being( human)is to be enlightened and experiencing life freely in consciousness with no limitations. One of my favorite subjects that Osho often gives his beliefs and theories about is the experience of unconditonal Love.

Is it me or does Osho look like Snoop Dogg? lol

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meditation: Kubera Mudra

You can't tell me that I wasn't a Buddhist or of Asian/East Indian descendant  in a past life.LOL! It's crazy how certain things from these cultures have come to me from an unknown place. Last night I was meditating and using the Gyan mudra or Om mudra and something told me to press my index and middle fingers together with the thumb and extend the ring and pinky. Then I was told to close the ring and pinky in and that this hand gesture  had something to do with attraction of wealth and receiving.

Today I was on a free tarot site (always accurate for me);and the Six of Pentacles card came up in the  reading.
Six of Pentacles in tarot.

The author of this deck describes the main character and the story of this card as: "At the time of this writing, I've been fixated on hands and their symbolism. And so, I could not help but notice the activity of the hands in the six of pentacles.

We can easily grasp the message of giving and receiving in the card as we observe these hands. But, I'd like to make a specific point of interest-The right hand of our hero formed into the Kubera mudra.

Mudras are symbolic hand expressions born from Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Shapes made from hands hold specific symbolism and are used to convey special meaning in cultural art and history. Pay attention next time you observe Hindu or Buddhist illustrations of their deities - you'll see their hands are depicted in very specific positions. These are purposeful, and those positions hold symbolic meaning.

The Kubera mudra symbolizes wealth. Indeed, Kuber is a Hindu god of wealth. Mudra practitioners mimic this hand position (index finger and middle finger pressed against the thumb with ring finger and pinky finger retracted) as means of signaling their allowance of wealth and abundance in their lives."

forming the Kubera mudra

Ain't that a trip?!

God is sho'nuff talking to hard-headed ass betta listen.♥

Living in The Light

Today I took a few moments to meditate.As I got deeper into the meditation I began to focus on the Light Energy that dwells in us all and comes from the Highest Source(God). As this light source came into my mind's eye, I started singing in my head "Had to survive, living in the light.Had to stay alive, living in the light.Have to in the light"the chorus of Caron Wheeler's song Livin' In The Light. For awhile I have been dwelling  in the dark- caught up in depression,anxiety, introversion. Needless to say, I am transitioning; and as a part of this transition all sorts of epiphanies are starting to reveal themselves. Ironically, being in the dark has allowed certain elements such as unconditional love and allowing myself to open up,to come forth.As scared as my issues are cut, I have to embrace the Dark-for there can be no light without it.But, I have to live and it starts in the Light.. and I will survive.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Body Image: Ideal/Idol.

Several years ago I read a book about body/self image. I always reference to an excerpt when the author proposed the reader to ask herself : What is truly her ideal body weight?What weight would be perfect for that individual, regardless of what society/media or an other influencing factors say? Immediately, the ideal of a 180-200 pounds appeared perfect to me. To most that's still big,but with 275 pounds being the heaviest and 214 the smallest I weighed in my adult life, I know that my body structure is not meant to be a size 5. And, I'm not just saying that shit as a cop-out either. The truth is: I've been overweight most of my life and God knows I had no business being as fat as I have BUT I'm 5'9, wear size 11 big hands, big breast, and a round head. There is no way a little body is supposed to balance all that shit out.  So....yes, give me 180 to 200,and make it look like Beyonce! I got more hips than ass(well actually no ass) anyways.

That was then...

Today, it hit me .I was watching Jill Scott's sexy ass new vid feat Paul Wall: So Gone(What My Mind Says) and thought "Ahh ha. That's my ideal body." Now , I admit I wasn't feeling Jill's first full initial weight loss. She was beautiful but a little too thin IMO, but I understand her choice and reasons for losing the weight.
But let's face it, Jill is not meant to be a size 5 either. Her body structure is a full type; not to mention that big ass head and breast of! She looks like she's gained a small portion of weight back and looks still great! Healthy, strong, muscular, thick,and sexy. That's the place I want to go.. the body I want. Just in my own size.

Love and Other Drugs

"I saw you screaming and no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed that someone could be that important that without them, you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. Then when it’s over, and it’s gone, you almost wish you could have all that bad stuff back, so that you could have the good "-We Found Love

The other night I was watching the film Love and Other Drugs and sort of disappointed that it was not as in depth as I thought. However, the overall synopsis is that Ann Hathaway's character, who is suffering from Parkinson's Disease, desperately runs from love and her "fuck" interest Jake Gyllenhaal  is a pharmaceutical drug representative; that selfishly doesn't know how to love. They go thru a course of a tumultuous love affair, but eventually are brought to a realization of  unconditional "Love."and their "need" for each other after they  break-up.

After the movie went off, I immediately thought about Rihanna's We Found Love video. As art often imitates reality,it's clear that the vid depicts the rise and fall of her and Chris Brown's once high-profiled relationship. Rihanna described the video as an analogy to the parallels of love and drugs. In essence- the euphoric feeling that love can create once induced, but when that jones comes down it's no longer's dark and ugly.Painful and desperate.Unhealthy. Yet, the original state of love is yearned for after the roller coaster ride has taken it's last dip and halt.

Love is a Drug.

It is said that God is love and ironically it is said that drugs make you feel closer to God.We are looking for god in our love(rs). We look for their human presence/time/energy/ love to take us to the  highest unseen plane time-and time again till it exhausts or rejuvenates us .But just as God,love appears to be destructive as well as peaceful,it can become vice versus within the light and dark.So... for that we can't help but get lost or found when we continue searching for the intensity of it's essence.I'm still searching for God....