Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beyonce': Art of the Black Face

I'm late. Didn't know that Beyonce was in the hot-seat once again about her complexion and facial features being altered. This time, she took photos with her face painted "Black" for L'Officiel Paris Magazine this past February.The photos are stunning from an artistic point -of- view, however I think for the photo's to have been fully committed, her whole body should have been painted in the color of beautiful dark mahogany.  However, I can see why folks were upset for it does "represent" a version of  The Minstrel Show/Black Face/Mantan ; that were indeed the epitome of racism and degradation to Black society and people.

According to Beyonce; the shoot was inspired to pay homage to her African roots and also to Nigerian musician and political activist Fela Kuti. Most bloggers and readers alike agree that B' didn't have to paint her face black to lay her respects; and it's obivious she's a Black Woman and that should be enough. But there is some truth and lie to that. Society does carry a double edge sword about her race. She's never-the less glorified for her near close to Euro features(light skin, blond or light colored hair) yet often ostracized for her curvy, thick -bottom body that Black women so proudly rep. So what is the real issue painting on her "black face" or celebrating her.. Black face?

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  1. let's just sit back & enjoy --her in this form=just a idea?