Wednesday, June 1, 2011

B!TCHLY BIZNESS: Broads in Total Control.

I have not done a fashion set on one of my fav creating sites, Polyvore, in a long time. To get those juices flowing I was inspired by the bad ass, femme fatal duo, B!ITCHLY BIZNESS.

B!CTHLY BIZNESS: Chaka Rae(right)

B!TCHLY BIZNESS:Sassi Blaque(left)

A b!tch once stated by Iyanla Vanzant is a "Broad In Total Control of Herself" and the B!TCHLY BIZNESS duo straight from Detroit, Chaka Rae and Sassi Blaque, are taking control of the game and consistently defining themselves conceptually with true artistry. By using the elements of a collective passion for fashion design, fashion styling, connaisseurs of music and art,and  Djing these ladies are in renegade mode to uproot the word B!TCH for themselves and Woman. Sassi and Chaka are also co-creators of DWNT81, a collective crew that diversely breaks the barriers of fashion,art,politics,and music. Check their new EP- Guilty Pleasures -which  is laced with various tracks of combined musical genres including techno-booty,soul, and hip-hop and luscious lyrics that are straight in your face sensuality and f*@# you b!tch power.


  1. Wow! The digital collage is wonderful. I love their musick and they are geniuses when it comes to fashion and style and culture. They are like glam-ghetto-funk-new wave... love it