Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Body Image: Ideal/Idol.

Several years ago I read a book about body/self image. I always reference to an excerpt when the author proposed the reader to ask herself : What is truly her ideal body weight?What weight would be perfect for that individual, regardless of what society/media or an other influencing factors say? Immediately, the ideal of a 180-200 pounds appeared perfect to me. To most that's still big,but with 275 pounds being the heaviest and 214 the smallest I weighed in my adult life, I know that my body structure is not meant to be a size 5. And, I'm not just saying that shit as a cop-out either. The truth is: I've been overweight most of my life and God knows I had no business being as fat as I have BUT I'm 5'9, wear size 11 shoe.got big hands, big breast, and a round head. There is no way a little body is supposed to balance all that shit out.  So....yes, give me 180 to 200,and make it look like Beyonce! I got more hips than ass(well actually no ass) anyways.

That was then...

Today, it hit me .I was watching Jill Scott's sexy ass new vid feat Paul Wall: So Gone(What My Mind Says) and thought "Ahh ha. That's my ideal body." Now , I admit I wasn't feeling Jill's first full initial weight loss. She was beautiful but a little too thin IMO, but I understand her choice and reasons for losing the weight.
But let's face it, Jill is not meant to be a size 5 either. Her body structure is a full type; not to mention that big ass head and breast of hers..lol! She looks like she's gained a small portion of weight back and looks still great! Healthy, strong, muscular, thick,and sexy. That's the place I want to go.. the body I want. Just in my own size.


  1. Kuddos. I can relate! I think being a fuller or curvier woman who constantly question what is that ideal body type BECAUSE of media and social pressure. However, I realize it's being and eating healthy. I don't live to eat anymore like used to. It's been eye opening to change my ideas about food and the weight and slide off. Granted, I want a smooth looking body like Beyonce or more defined curves but that's why SPANDEX was invented.. Ok? lol

  2. LOL! Yes Spandex is a girls BEST friend!