Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 New Loves: Onra and Osho

I got two new loves now: Beat producer Onra and spiritual guru Osho.

I have a major crush on Onra,who is one of the dopest underground hip-hop beat producers in the game right now. Taking cues from the late great J-Dilla, Onra has taking old school R&B, Soul, and vintage Vietnamese and Chinese music, and crafted his own style of beat-making.Not only is he fine as fuck; but just a genius in creating magical tracks to fall in love with.

Onra's got tracks for Days..but here's just a few.

Now when it comes to the spiritual tip, Osho is one of my fav gurus. He's teachings include honesty and humor that is a little off-beat then most traditional gurus,which has caused him to be scrutinized; yet have a huge following over the years. He was often known to be critical towards traditional religion and society norms and believed that the totality of a being( human)is to be enlightened and experiencing life freely in consciousness with no limitations. One of my favorite subjects that Osho often gives his beliefs and theories about is the experience of unconditonal Love.

Is it me or does Osho look like Snoop Dogg? lol

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