Saturday, January 21, 2012

Living in The Light

Today I took a few moments to meditate.As I got deeper into the meditation I began to focus on the Light Energy that dwells in us all and comes from the Highest Source(God). As this light source came into my mind's eye, I started singing in my head "Had to survive, living in the light.Had to stay alive, living in the light.Have to in the light"the chorus of Caron Wheeler's song Livin' In The Light. For awhile I have been dwelling  in the dark- caught up in depression,anxiety, introversion. Needless to say, I am transitioning; and as a part of this transition all sorts of epiphanies are starting to reveal themselves. Ironically, being in the dark has allowed certain elements such as unconditional love and allowing myself to open up,to come forth.As scared as my issues are cut, I have to embrace the Dark-for there can be no light without it.But, I have to live and it starts in the Light.. and I will survive.

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