Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meditation: Kubera Mudra

You can't tell me that I wasn't a Buddhist or of Asian/East Indian descendant  in a past life.LOL! It's crazy how certain things from these cultures have come to me from an unknown place. Last night I was meditating and using the Gyan mudra or Om mudra and something told me to press my index and middle fingers together with the thumb and extend the ring and pinky. Then I was told to close the ring and pinky in and that this hand gesture  had something to do with attraction of wealth and receiving.

Today I was on a free tarot site (always accurate for me);and the Six of Pentacles card came up in the  reading.
Six of Pentacles in tarot.

The author of this deck describes the main character and the story of this card as: "At the time of this writing, I've been fixated on hands and their symbolism. And so, I could not help but notice the activity of the hands in the six of pentacles.

We can easily grasp the message of giving and receiving in the card as we observe these hands. But, I'd like to make a specific point of interest-The right hand of our hero formed into the Kubera mudra.

Mudras are symbolic hand expressions born from Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Shapes made from hands hold specific symbolism and are used to convey special meaning in cultural art and history. Pay attention next time you observe Hindu or Buddhist illustrations of their deities - you'll see their hands are depicted in very specific positions. These are purposeful, and those positions hold symbolic meaning.

The Kubera mudra symbolizes wealth. Indeed, Kuber is a Hindu god of wealth. Mudra practitioners mimic this hand position (index finger and middle finger pressed against the thumb with ring finger and pinky finger retracted) as means of signaling their allowance of wealth and abundance in their lives."

forming the Kubera mudra

Ain't that a trip?!

God is sho'nuff talking to hard-headed ass betta listen.♥

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