Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY: Shoe Revamp With Fabric

For damn shame...I'm JUST now sharing this project I did like a couple of months ago. Any who, at the time I was sitting in the cut wanting to do something creative and- DING the light bulb went off to revamp a pair of shoes with fabric.
The shoes

Ugh!Not sure how they got so beat up. Can count on my hand how many times I wore em.


I wasn't exactly sure how to do the project but thank gawd I found a YT DIY on it.And BTW the vid creator: La Jeune Dame created some cute ass shoes and has other fly DIY's.

I wanted to do a shoe that had various fabrics as-opposed to one style. And honestly, I finagled the shit out of this by cutting the fabrics and matching the opposite shoe by eye, which is a little more tricky.It didn't dawn on me to afterwards that I should've outlined the shoe with tracing paper then cut the pieces of fabric from the outline to make it more precise.Duh!
After revamping.

So if you choose to use one style of fabric just follow the fab video instructions or if you want to use multi fabrics like I did, you can either:

1. Free-form it by folding each different piece fabric in a area then " fitting" it around the shoe. Next cut the fabric along the shape of that particular area . Then make sure each piece is exact in measurement/size that is going to placed on the same location of the opposite shoe.Last glue the piece down with fabric glue. The only down fall to this method is the inside lining is not going to be perfect.


2. Take a piece of tracing paper and outline the part(s) of the shoe to be covered in a bright colored pencil. Cut the shoe outline out. Then overlay the outline over the pieces of fabric that you want for each location of the shoe. Cut the fabric out then glue pieces down. This "may" help extra fabric going in the lining of the shoe.


3. Get real freaky with it and place pieces of different fabric around the shoe with no rhyme -or- reason. Then cut along the inside and outlining of the shoe.

So, put yo foot in it!However you choose do it... I'm sure it;s gonna be stupid fly. ;-)


  1. Girl I'm calling YOU to revamp some shoes for me. These are FLYY as hell!

  2. Awesome! I want to try this out but *whispers* like Legacy said if you offering the service of revamping.. just slide me the fee info.. :)

  3. Lol. Yall are terrible! No you have to DIY, you'll enjoy it!