Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jocking Style>> SoulRebelYes: Deux

" I'm over here rubbing my hands together like the dope-boys" is what I told Cwen Charlee, earring and accessory artist of SoulRebelYes, after she said that she "was a woman of her word" and would send me a pair of her earrings that she promised some time ago.So after a week of hurrying to the mail everyday with thoughts of anticipation like a kid waking up and running to gifts under the Christmas tree; my package arrived...and right on time! It was like receiving a special treat after a really stressful and hard work week. I cut open the envelope and there they were...not only did she bless me with 1 pair but TWO pair of DOPE a$$ earring art. I was so geeked up,thankful and just couldn't wait to rock these bad mamas!
My "special" package

so glam rock!

Gotta piece me together a real funky out to rock wit these bad mamas.

I wrote a short blog last year on SoulRebelYes, just in awe of her really funky pieces that range from glam, afro-centric,urban, and tribal styles. Within that year, her pieces have a consistent progression that she re-invents constantly to give her custos that POW factor.I really dig her out-of- the-box,un-orthodox, and bold esthetic-must be that Aquarius in her*side joke* SoulRebelYes is truly designed for the woman who respects her individuality and and haves no apologies on making a bold statement-a Rebel with alot of Soul.Check even more pieces via her webpage, Facebook, and Twitter.

BAD baby!

LOVE these~!

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